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Spinguera, your guesthouse in Cape Verde for your Cape Verde travel

Cape Verde travel with Spinguera, your guesthouse Cape Verde

The charming Spinguera resort offers you a great chance for your Cape Verde travel in the most unique atmosphere in the real heart of Capo Verde. Spinguera ecolodge is not only your guesthouse in Cape Verde, not only an hotel in the desert but also a project which has come out from the love for the island of Boavista and its inhabitants.

Spinguera hotel has brought at Capo Verde, on the desert island of Boa Vista, the possibility to practice “ecotourism”. This is an perfect travel for people who are looking for uncontaminated places where they can both relax and do sports activities such as kitesurf and trekking.

Perfectly placed in a natural scenery, with full respect for the environment, our Bed and Breakfast utilizes renewable energy and undertakes to respect biodiversity, ecosystem and social sustainabiliy.

The Spinguera guesthouse has always been working and cooperating with the near fishermen’s community of Bofareira in order to realize a perfect destination for a responsible traveller who is always welcomed here with the smiling faces of the local staff, before being accompanied to the rooms with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Therefore now in the heart of the Natural Park del Norte , at Boavista, you will have the chance of discovering uncontaminated landscapes , faraway from the most famous destinations of the exotic tourism. The respect of the tradition and the colours of the place offers today the magic of  unique atmosphere at Capo Verde.

Spinguera is the starting point of an ideal tour to the discovery of enchanting places where simplicity is luxury, nature is style and the silence is broken only by the sound of the wind and the roar of the sea.



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