kitesurf Cape Verde and trekking in Capeverde, Spinguera services

At Spinguera we can organize:

- Off-road trips with guide

- Professional Fishing

- Water activities (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurf, snorkeling, diving)

- Excursions motoquad 4x4 

- Nature tours (deposition / hatching of turtle eggs Careta Careta. Whale watching, bird watching)

The activities listed above have to be programmed in advance, the main sports centers are about 30km from the hotel.

KitesurfE or kitesurfing or kiteboarding or just kite is a recently invented sailing sport (1999), born as a variant of surfing. It is made up of a kite, which uses the wind as a propeller and is maneuvered through a control bar, connected by cable.

In 1978, Ian Day, an edge of Tornado catamaran, already touched the 40 km/h driven by a kite.

In 1995 Jimmy Lewis, the famous Hawaiian shaper, began experimenting with the first bidirectional boards from Kite surf, together with one of the pioneers of Kite, Lou Wainman, consecrating himself in 1999 as the first to have concretely developed the first functional two-way.

Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux, after a long research started in the early 80s and culminating with the patent of the inflatable electric aircraft kite (WI.PIKA) that the aquilonism from traction in water became at the end of the 90s safer, more practicable and accessible.